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What is your Favorite TV Series?

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 1:48 am
by santa2452
Hello Trekkies,

I figured it was time to get this poll started, as it would undoubtedly be one of the first posts on the forum anyway. I have included a poll of course to gauge every's interest at a glance. Star Trek has been around for decades and I am sure we would have like to share our opinion. my goal is to keep it all in one place. Open your thoughts, share your opinion, and lets all have a Civil Debate.

I'll start by saying I do watch the majority of the TV series and they all have there moment to shine in my heart, however I always been more attached to Voyager. This is the one series I have called my favorite since I watched it. Sure it was the first Star Trek I was exposed to growing up, but I believe that since I have re-watched both TNG and DS9 multiple times that it has remained in my number one spot. I think the one thing I like most about all of the star trek tv series that I have watched, is the character development. The Next Generation had Wesley Crusher's career and Data's goals, Worf's constant battles with his honor, and even Picard and Riker's development isn't forgotten. Deep Space Nine had to mesh Bajorian and Starfleet beliefs, though the development was slow, you saw it in Sisko, Kiria, O'brian, Odo, and even Quark. Voyager had to mesh a star fleet crew with a Maquis crew, then added new members like Neelix, Kes and Seven of Nine, and of course we cant forget all the changes to the Doctor's program.

I hear many people talking about the stories in each of the series, and though I can agree Voyager's did seem a bit repetitive, but the journey was still memorable for me. Many didn't like the direction DS9 went, though for me I was eager to how commanding a Station worked with Starfleet, and then the Dominion comes along, and those who didn't watch DS9 probably never came back to see what that meant. This was an interesting arch for DS9 that kept me going. The Next Generation's story may be the least clear, but that didn't seem to affect everyone who watched because when it comes down to it, each episode could be watched as a standalone episode, unless you wanted to see the changes in all the characters. So anytime someone talks about the actual story or journey, I acknowledge it but then I start talking about the characters themselves because that is what has driven me through all the series. Discovery is an interesting exception for me, I have both enjoyed the Character Development and the Story Arch in the series. Seeing Burnham grow, learning of the Mycelial Network has been entertaining. I dont even mind there take on Klingons. I am eager to watch more seasons.

My list goes as follows
  1. Voyager
  2. The Next Generation
  3. Discovery
  4. Deep Space 9
Disclaimer: I never watched the Animated Series, and I have only seen a couple episodes of The Original Series, and Enterprise. I haven't mentioned Picard as I have only watched the first Episode since its new.