We do have rules to keep order on the forum. There are two types of rules, the General rules which need to be followed on all forums, and then there is the roleplay rules which will need to be honored on most forums, with the exception of the General Category and those forums with the disclaimer Roleplay not Required.

No Advertising:
We may allow links and pictures, but that doesn’t give you permission to advertise your own sites.
No God-modding:
it goes without saying that you shouldn’t speak or act for other players. You can say you fired at someone, or even where you were aiming, but you cant say it killed them, how it hurt them.
Be Respectful:
There is no reason to insult someone because of the way they posted or responded.
No Invincibility:
There is a point when you dodge too much, we trust that you will be fair in your decision to either get hit or dodge, but we do expect you to get injured at some point.
No Spam:
This includes double-posting, give someone a chance to respond to you before you post again, there is an edit button to fix mistakes. Also anything unrelated to the forum will need to be posted in Off Duty Discussions.
No Cannon Names or Interactions:
I know it may be fun to meet Captain Picard, or to be Katheryn Janeway, but at this time we are forbidding this.

If an Admiral believes you may be god-modding or trying to be invincible then they will make a post correcting it, such as telling you that you did get hurt, or remind you that you were god modding. After a couple of friendly reminders you will be sent a warning.

Captains and Commanders who are not participating in the mission will also be authorized to correct any god mod or invincibility action. Note: Dodging isn’t forbidden but use your own discretion.