Welcome to the Star Trek Roleplay run by the Lunatics team. If you dont know us, then you can simly check out our main page at www.lunaticslanding.com. However, we like to role play and the universe we selected was Star Trek. I have watched The Next Generation (TNG), Deep Space 9 (DS9), and Voyager (VOY), I have seen a few episodes of Enterprise, but since it was discontinued after four seasons, I didn’t watch it fully.

Our role play should be viewed as perhaps an atlernate, or even better parallel timeline to TNG, DS9 and VOY. The reason I state this is because our missions may or may not reflect the exact scenarios that are played out in the TV series, and I dont want people trying to create or interact with any of the well known characters of the universe. You may find a lot of forums prevent canon character creation, this is no different. Please enjoy what we have to offer, you may find some information on the site, but most of the action is on the Forum.