Attention all Personnel, recently I had to clear out about 10 accounts using variants of a gmail address. Information regarding Gmail’s address can be found on their support page. To combat future attempts at this, I have now instituted a ban on all gmail address that include a dot. This doesn’t mean you can’t use a gmail account on our forum, but it does mean for at least for our forum you will need to get rid of any dots.

If you try to create a new user account with a dotted gmail account you will not be presented with the following message, “Gmail accounts ignore periods, please register only one account without any periods (.): Example: needs to be”. This doesn’t mean you have another account, it only means that you have a dot in the first part of the email.

This is only the most recent method put in place to help reduce spam, we also currently use an invisible recaptcha, that has certainly reduced the number of accounts by large numbers, for example back in June we blocked over 70 requests, and then another 28 in August. These being the only two largest spikes is a good thing.

As always if you notice any topic that isn’t following our no advertising, or no spam rules, please report the post. Do not respond or engauge in these posts, as any comments will cause the topic to be moved to the top of the forum. We provide a link to the rules at the top of all forums, as well here on our website, please be respectful and you will have nothing to worry about.